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Carlos Merino Gracia

Carlos Merino Gracia
  • Researcher in Computer Vision
  • Engineer in Computer Science (University of La Laguna, 2004)
  • Doctor in Computer Science (University of La Laguna, 2015)

I am a Doctor in Computer Vision and an Engineer in Computer Science. At the Virtual Acoustic Space group I developed a portable text reading system for people who are blind. I visited the University of Bristol where I collaborated with Prof. Majid Mirmehdi in the development of scene text perspective recovery methods and scene text tracking.

I have also experience in high performance computing, parallel programming and system administration.




Here are some of my research and technology interests.

Computer Vision research

  • Experience with the library Intel OpenCV
  • Text detection in images:
    • Perspective recovery of scene text.
    • Text tracking over video image sequences.
    • Realtime processing of images containing text.

High performance computing

Parallel programming, such as OpenMP, MPI and Intel TBB.

System administration

I especially like system administration. I have experience in both Unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris) and Microsoft Windows administration. In particular, system administration of high performance computers(HPC). I worked for one year as system administrator of the Tarja supercomputer in the Servicio de Apoyo Informático a la Investigación (link in Spanish).

Participation in group's research lines:

Natural Scenes Text Reader

Participation in group's projects:

CASBliP –